God's Preference

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Dec 3

Discover how worship can be seen in all that we do.



Five Keys To Joy

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Nov 19

It's not about what's happening to us but a matter of what we are choosing.


The Action of Faith

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Nov 12

Hebrews 11 - Let your convictions in the unseen determine your actions until the end, regardless of what happens.


The Process of Generosity

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Nov 5

2 Corinthians 9 - It all begins with the condition of our hearts.



The Need for Leaders

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Oct 29

1 Timothy 3 - Tomorrow's Church depends upon the leaders we are raising up today.


Simplicity, Sincerity, Sacrifice

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Oct 22

Remain humble, genuine, and diligent towards one another, regardless of what's happening around us.


How God Loves

Lisa Harper • Oct 15

Special guest Lisa Harper shares an encouraging word on God's love.

God's Art Gallery

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Oct 8

Ephesians 3:10-11. As His creation, we reflect His nature for all the world to see.


A Body That Works

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Oct 1

See how spiritual gifts are intended to make a difference in believers' lives and bring us together.



How to Grow Closer to Jesus

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Sep 24

Understand what it means for us to draw near to our Savior.


Breaking Toxic Thought Patterns

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Sep 17

Guard against human reasoning by standing on all that God says.


The Most Important Thing

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Sep 10

Life begins with God's love for us and how we show it to the world around us.


What I Learned at Bethany

Pastor Chris Hodges • Sep 3

Know how to guard what God has placed inside of us.


Under the Influence Pt. 2

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Aug 27

What God has placed upon you will always be greater than anything the enemy can place in place in front of you.


Jezebel's Tweet

Samuel Rodriguez • Aug 20

What God has placed upon you will always be greater than anything the enemy can place in front of you.

Passports and Passages

Under the Influence

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Aug 13

Embrace the Holy Spirit's role for a life that's fulfilling and purposeful.



The Frame of Praise

Dustin West • Jul 30

Understand exactly what we were made for.

Psalms of Summer

The Song of Unity

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jul 16

Beware of what the enemy utilizes in attempts to create division within the Church.

Psalms of Summer