Everyone needs a space where they can find friendship, encouragement, and fulfillment. We believe there is nothing more impactful than making a large church feel like a small, close-knit family. At Bethany, we call them Bgroups.

From meeting in homes to gathering in schools and the workplace, Bgroups are happening all over South Louisiana. There is a place for community, whether you have called Bethany home for years or are new to our church. Bgroups meet during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Summer Small Groups at Bethany

While summer at Bethany doesn't have an official Bgroup semester, we have exciting opportunities for you to stay connected through our small groups. Join one of our groups below this summer and get ready to dive deeper into the community. These groups will help prepare you for our Fall Semester Launch in August, where we'll have even more ways for you to connect and grow.

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    How Do I Start?

    Are you outgoing and social? Join us for our Bgroup Rally hosted at the start of each semester. Would you prefer to explore what it’s all about first? Look through the Bgroup directory and find your community. Need some help? Let’s have a chat! We can help you find a place to belong.

    Attend A Rally

    To kick off each semester, we host the Bgroup Rally on a Sunday morning. This is the perfect time to meet a few group leaders and get information in person.

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    January 21 - All Campuses

    Find A Group

    Search the directory and find a Bgroup that is suitable for your schedule and season of life. There is a group for everyone.

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    Ascension Baker Houma Livingston Nola South BR

    Common Questions

    • What does a Bgroup look like?

      Bgroups are small gatherings of people going through life with one another. Relatable activities tend to bring people together. Whether it is men fishing, moms chasing their kiddos at the park, or young adults catching up over a cup of coffee, there is a place for everyone. Each time your Bgroup meets, you will cultivate friendships and experience life-giving conversation. The typical one-hour format makes it easy for anyone to participate.

    • How often does a Bgroup meet?

      Bgroups meet for two semesters a year—Spring and Fall. Most Bgroups meet once a week; however, there are people in various phases of life, so there are groups that meet biweekly or even monthly. The goal is to add meaningful community to your everyday rhythm. Even if you cannot attend every meeting,  joining a group adds tremendous value to your life.

    • Where do Bgroups meet?

      Bgroups meet anywhere people can gather, such as homes, parks, coffee shops, gyms, and office buildings. Bgroups are available in any city where a Bethany Church campus is located.

    • How long does a typical Bgroup stay together?

      Most Bgroups meet for a semester. This method allows you to join a group with ease. You can also try a different group each semester, if you choose to do so. Some groups choose to stay together for consecutive semesters, but new members are always welcome.

    • Is child care available?

      Child care varies with each group. When you search our directory, the group profile will indicate whether child care is available.

    • What if I don’t like the first group I try?

      The truth is, not everyone will find the best fit with the first group they try. We encourage you to select a few groups that interest you, contact the leaders, and try out a couple of groups before choosing the right one. We believe there is a group where everyone can belong—including you!