Ateam: Outreach

Outreach Ideas

Outreach Ideas

We are so excited to partner with you to serve our communities! Below is some information to help you get started. Your campus’s associate pastor is a great person to talk to if you need help figuring out what your next step will be in planning your outreach project. 

Register your outreach project here: Outreach Project Registration Form,

Need to know: 

  • When your outreach project is decided, fill out the form to register it online.
  • Our goal is to direct people in our church to your group. While you and your Bgroup will be serving together, people who are not already connected to a Bgroup may want to join your outreach project. If you are trying to keep it to a closed group and do not wish for it to be open to the public, simply let us know in the Details section of the Registration Form. 
  • Each Bgroup is responsible for the costs associated with their outreach project.
  • Optional: Meet with your outreach group (the people who regularly meet with you in your Bgroup and any additional sign-ups) ahead of time. This will give you the opportunity to meet any new additions to your group, connect about gathering the needed supplies to accomplish your outreach project, make or communicate a game plan for the day of LoveLA, and pray together as a group.

When looking for ideas, begin by asking these questions: 

  • Who in your neighborhood has a need?
  • What business or organization within your sphere of influence could use a blessing? 
  • What project types best suit your group’s ages and abilities? 

When planning, here are some things to consider:

  • How many people can reasonably join my outreach project? Church members who are not already in a Bgroup may join your outreach team in addition to your existing Bgroup members. How many total people can come together to accomplish your outreach project where each person has something they can participate in and no one is left on the side with nothing to do?
  • Is your outreach project kid-friendly? Can families sign up to join your project?
  • What supplies do you have already available to you and what will you need to purchase to complete your outreach project?
  • Optional: Is this outreach project something you and your Bgroup would like to continue to do on a regular basis? Let your campus pastors know and we can keep your group posted for people at your campus who are looking to join ongoing outreach projects throughout the semester. 

Outreach Ideas:


  • Clean/stripe parking lots
  • Redo Teacher’s Lounge
  • Landscaping 
  • Trash pick up

 Neighborhoods, Apartment Complexes, Homeless Shelters

  • Clean grounds freshen landscaping
  • Update play area
  • Food Boxes door-to-door

Landscaping, Yard Work 

  • Clean up a widow, Primetimer, or single mom’s yard
  • Free grass-cutting day

Trash Pick Up and Prayer Walks 

  • Parks
  • Neighborhoods 
  • Parking lot at a local business you are connected to

Hospitals or Nursing Homes

  • Care Packages or Light lunch and prayer for the staff
  • Deliver fresh flowers to the residents
  • Host a worship service at a nursing home (offer worship, devotions, prayer, and fellowship) 
  • Throw a “Senior Prom” complete with live music, food, and decorations
  • Landscape a flower garden and sitting area for resident
  • Have kids make crafts (necklaces, wooden crosses)  that can be given to residents
  • Distribute chips and sodas to residents & employees (check with staff on food restrictions)
  • Tea Party
  • Help the residents complete care packages for foster kids, hospital staff, teachers, etc.

First Responders (fire stations, police stations) 

  • Cook Lunch for your local police or fire station
  • Thank you cards
  • Sweet treats 

Feeding the Homeless

  • Serve hot breakfast for the homeless in your community
  • Put together and/or pass out care packages or supply bags

General Ideas

  • Host a free garage sale
  • Bring free lunches to construction workers and servicemen in your area
  • Hand out free gum at a local park
  • Give out free sunscreen at a city park
  • Give out free bottled water 
  • Give out free donuts and coffee at bus stops or shopping center
  • Host a free car wash for the faculty
  • Minor car repairs for the elderly, widows and/or single mom’s
  • Kids host a free kid's toys and games garage sale
  • Kids host a free lemonade stand
  • Pay for people’s laundry at the laundromat (give away coins)